Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High School?! What?!

Yesterday my oldest turned 14! OMG! 14! Where has the time gone?! I CANNOT believe he is 14 and I CANNOT believe he's going to be in high school! High school!? Yes, high school! In 5 short months he will be in high school!

I'm so utterly proud of him and so utterly scared for him all at the same time! As much of a pain in the butt as he can be, he is REALLY a GREAT kid! I know he thinks I can be a pain in the butt too, but I know, or hope, that one day he will appreciate it!

I'm the parent that has ALL the passwords and reads all the texts and all that great stuff. Some people call it an invasion of privacy, but I call it PARENTING! I often wonder where some of these kid's parents are. There are SO many things today's kids have to worry about that we never would have thought of. I can only hope that I'm doing enough and teaching him enough.

I'm SO SO SO proud of him! He has been through so much in his short life. He lost his father, my first husband, and I just can't imagine. I know how awful it was for me, but I just can't imagine losing a parent. Mine are still here. Even as an adult I just can't imagine how awful it would be. As awful as that is I've not allowed him to use it as an excuse. Life sucks. Period. You have do the best you can with what you're dealt. I think he gets that, most of the time.

For those of you that don't know, his father and I were married in high school. I actually married my high school sweet heart while IN high school, and had a baby. Now our baby is going to be in high school. Lord please help me if he does HALF the stuff I did!!

So anyway, I took him his favorite lunch and cupcakes to school for him and his friends. I just delivered them and didn't stay to deliver any embarrassment. I had LOTS of ideas, but he begged me to please not embarrass him in from of his friends and more specifically his girlfriend. That's right, he has a girl friend. Our first official "love". I try not to give him a hard time about that tho cause I still remember how real it felt.

So all and all I think he's had a wonderful bday. He went to a Razorback baseball game over the weekend and got to spend some extra time with the girl friend at play practice. Mommy had a pretty good birthing day. I thought about his age all day and how old it made me feel. I also thought about his Daddy a lot. His birthday always makes me think of his Daddy and how I wish he were here to share it, but I know he's watching.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby! You are turning into such a wonderful young man! I'm so luck yo to have such a wonderful son. I LOVE YOU!!

Now to start working on that Learner's Permit.....eeekkkk!


  1. I think you've picked the right words for this story..beautiful!

  2. I think birthdays should celebrate mommies as well as kids!! Winter, I think of it quite often, how you so gracefully and brilliantly raised Eric especially, and I think you will be even more proud of him as years go by. He is a shining light in this world! And you are a great mom, to all your kids, and a great daughter, sister, wife, and everything else!!! I am so glad, personally, that I have been blessed to have you in MY life... And of course we ADORE Eric, and we are so proud of the young man he has become in spite of his hardships.
    PS. A girlfriend?!?! Omg, I am gonna have a heart attack!!! Nooooooooo, he's just a baby!!!!! ;)