Sunday, January 2, 2011

To my favorite child.

To my oldest, my first born. You are my favorite child. I can't believe that you are already a teenager and so close to driving. You will always be my little baby no matter how big you get. I remember every night I spent up with you crying for hours because you were colicky. You have helped me learn how to be a mommy. I'm still learning from you every day.
You are such a wonderful, helpful big brother. I know younger siblings can be testing, but watching you mature in your emotions and learn better how to handle them makes me so proud. You make me so proud.
Since you were just a little fellow in daycare I've had other parents tell me how impressive you are. From your helpfulness, to you compassion.  Even now as a teenager, you don't compromise who you are to please others. You do what's right, even if it's not popular. I love how independent, brave, and confident you are.
You are my absolute favorite child and I love you.

To my second son. You are my favorite child. Daddy and I waited 3 years for you. After our miscarriage we decided God had decided it just wasn't time to meet that baby. We took comfort in knowing that we would one day meet you.
I love your energy, although sometimes challenging, it makes you you. Always making people laugh, you are a constant comedian. You are stubborn like me but have such a huge heart. You are the sweetest kid I know.
I'm so glad that you've found a passion in drawing and gymnastics. You continuously impress me in both areas.
I love listening to you read. Especially when it's to your younger siblings. You do such a wonderful job teaching them things. You are my absolute favorite child and I love you.

To my daughter. You are my favorite child. You are my girl and I love hanging out with you and doing girl stuff. You are my little mommy. Be it with your animals or your little brother, you are always such a good little mommy.
I love the way you still want to be held when you get up. I love the way you have your daddy wrapped around your finger and bat your eyelashes at him to get your way.
I love watching you flip your hair and the way you prance is a riot. You are a princess. Even tho you are a girly girl, you are at the same time a tough cookie.
You are my absolute favorite child and I love you.

To my last born, my baby. You are my favorite child. There is not a hug in the world that is so completely encompassing as yours. You get that from your dad.
I love that your not yet too old to cuddle and that you still make me feel like your favorite person. I love that cute, sometimes mischievous, little grin you have. It truly lights up a room.
You always seem to be running 3 steps behind your siblings, but you never let it deter you. I am amazed at how quickly you pick things up.
You are the most patient, sneakiest, cutest kid I know. You are my absolute favorite child and I love you.

To my favorite children. I could go on endlessly listing all the things I love about you. Just know that I do love all the things about you! You are my reason. You complete me. I love you!

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