Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet Sunny!

Introducing the newest member of our family, Sunny!

Yes, that is a goat! My daughter's "kid"!

On Thanksgiving my husband's uncle told my daughter he had baby goats and he was going to give one to her. She was SO excited. I hoped she would forget about it, but she did not! 

I got a call early Sunday morning that he couldn't decide which one to give here so we needed to bring her to pick one out. So after lunch we headed up the mountain.

First of all it, was SO cold and one of my kids forgot a coat so I had to give them mine. It only took my girl a minute to pick out her baby. Then I had to talk them out of a puppy and explain why we couldn't' have a horse.

We got home and she spent the rest of the day outside. The boys did too, but they weren't glued to the goat. She was either holding it or in the dog house with it. I guess we should call it the goat house, cause the dog won't go in it anymore.

I have a blue heeler (australian cattle dog). He thought the goat was for him! He would chase it then cut it off. Chase it then cut it off. He was in herding dog heaven!

When it got dark and the kids finally came in EVERYTHING had to be washed, including coats! They smelled like a farm! When they got up for school this morning my daughter wanted to go straight out to her baby, but mean old Mommy wouldn't let her! I couldn't send her to school smelling like a goat! They were so excited to tell their teachers and friends tho!

So I went and got some hay and goat food today. FYI-goat food only comes in a 50lb bag. So I guess I'm good on goat food til next Christmas! 

The kids couldn't wait to get home this evening and play with him, even tho it was 30 degrees outside and dark! When I pulled up they all jumped out and ran to the back yard.I went in the front door and they met me in the kitchen. THE GOAT WAS GONE! 

WHAT?! The first thought that came to mind was that the dog ate the goat! I sent the kids in the house, grabbed my flashlight and went on the hunt! I looked everywhere and was actually glad I didn't find him. 

Right about then my hubby got home. Long search made short...we found him under the house. When my daughter saw daddy with the goat she started crying, "I want my goat! I want my goat!" She held him so tight and sobbed.  Then she gave him a bottle and all ended well.

I'm so glad the dog didn't eat him. They actually get along really well and last I looked they were cuddled up together!

All the other kids want a goat now too. We'll see...

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