Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dinner is in the yard!

I come from a family of hunters. Well, at least the men. Growing up my dad had a rule. No women or children allowed at deer camp. It was his man cave. Having 5 daughters and a wife at home, that is completely understandable!

I've not once in my life ever shot another living creature. I have however witnessed them cleaned and fried up my fair share of deer, squirrel, fish, etc. It's just a part of our lives. It's way cheaper than buying it and it's fun for the hunters. I do prefer for it to be brought to me in baggies and ready to cook. I don't so much like to see it actually resembling a furry creature!

I am raising my children this way also. In fact, they've all been hunting, and they've all witnessed a deer being cleaned from start to finish. I feel it's important for them to understand the process.

My husband hunts at my dad's deer camp. The same one that didn't allow women or children when I was growing up. I don't know about the women rule, but I know the children one has changed because my hubby has taken all the kids. I'm starting to think maybe these weren't "deer camp rules" as much as they were just my dad's rules!

My husband takes them one at a time of course, but they've all gone. The boys really love it. My oldest is the only one in the family to actually get a deer so far this year. I'm told he shot him at 40 yards, running at him, right between the eyes. We had some tonight and he tasted dandy! The little boys aren't big enough to use a "real" gun, but they get to shoot the BB gun when they're there and they think that's just great! They LOVE going hunting with Daddy! My daughter on the other hand...she likes to go with daddy, she loves to do anything by herself with daddy, but hunting is "boring" and she doesn't like to poop in the woods!

We also fish as much as possible. It's hard to do with little ones, but as my hubby says, it's necessary so that you can enjoy it with them when they get older.

Some of my greatest memories are of fishing with my dad. Until I was 14 my dad was a single daddy with 3 girls. He loved to fish and took us as often as he could. I know, now that I'm a parent of little ones, that it wasn't always enjoyable for him. But I'm so thankful that he took us. I so cherish those mornings sitting on a bank fishing with dad. As a matter of fact that was my gift to him this Father's Day. A fishing trip with me (no kids allowed). We had a blast!

I cherish going with my kids, but like I said, it's not always enjoyable, and surprisingly, my daughter thinks it's boring! But I LOVE to fish. On the RARE occasion that my hubby and I get a childless moment, that's what we do. Weather permitting, we will be fishing!

I don't right now, but someday I will have a chicken coop! I get fresh eggs from a friend and can remember having chickens when I was little. I also remember collecting eggs at our dear friends house growing up. We'll call them the Realtors. We spent many a weekend at the Realtor's house with my dad. Fishing, horseback riding, herding cattle. All the things you do on a thousand acre spread. I love those memories!

Okay, I'm getting side tracked thinking back. I'll stop now.

I do want to share this tho. My hubby got a game camera for Christmas and put it behind our house. This is what he got the first night he put it out...

Dinner is in the yard!!!

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