Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet Willow

I know, second blog of the day. Sorry, our laptop bit it so I'm trying to catch up while I can.

I'm SURE you've seen my post about Sunny. Well, this is our new baby, Willow.

We decided we loved Sunny SO much we that wanted another goat. We wanted him to have someone to play with. The dog just isn't really into getting headbutted! So we went to out sourcee who just happen to have two babies. Daddy took our youngest to pick one out and here she is.

There are a few differences between her and Sunny. First of all, she's more of a farm goat. More of what you think of if you think of a goat. Sunny thinks he's a dog. He's even picky about only eating dog food and fresh leaves straight from the tree and/or rose bush. He tries to run in the house just like the dog. He REALLY thinks he's a dog. Willow does not. She is a goat and doesn't want you to hold her. In fact, it would be hard to even touch her if it weren't for her uniqueness (which I'll get to). You see, we got Sunny straight from his Mommy. He was a BABY! We bottle fed him and he thinks my daughter is his Mommy. Willow is a baby, but she's been away from her Mommy for a while.

When we put her in the fence with the dog and goat, naturally the dog wanted to inspect. This FREAKED her out and she seeked shelter with the other goat. What she didn't know is that the other goat thinks he's a dog and SHE was freaking him out! It's been a few weeks now and things have settled. She lets you get a little closer, doesn't so much mind the dog, and Sunny is nice to her unless he gets jealous.

Now I'll explain the uniqueness...

When Willow was first running through the yard she looked funny. We decided rather quickly that she wasn't the same kind of goat as Sunny. We thought they were both "mutt" goats, until the next day. So the next afternoon my daughter was sitting in the chair holding her. When she put her down the dog ran by, freaked her out, and she fainted! I called my husband who said he had seen her do it that morning. We now have a fainting goat! Or stiff leg or myotonic or whatever you want to call her. It's so funny, but also a little sad I think.

If you've never heard of them do a youtube search. One day I'll get video and maybe I'll share.

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  1. OMG I can't believe you have a fainting goat!! I think they are hilarious!!